Nick Watson

Filmmaker and Editor

Choose Your Own Documentary

The Show

Created by writer and performer Nathan Penlington and filmmakers Fernando Gutierrez De Jesus, Sam Smaïl & Nick Watson, Choose Your Own Documentary is a unique live experience performed in a theatre or cinema space.
Audiences receive remote controls at the start of the show and are asked to vote on a series of questions and decisions throughout.
The decisions made at these points have a direct impact on the unfolding story.

The Story
A forgotten diary falls out of an oldbook. What would you do?
Follow Nathan Penlington and a team of filmmakers as they embark on an epic and emotional quest to find the author of the diary and unravel the mystery of its pages. A true story of obsession, childhood sweethearts, friendship, loss and adventure.
But there is a twist. You, the audience, decide Nathan’s fate by using remote controls. With over 1,500 paths and multiple endings, his destiny is in your hands. Choose wisely.